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Our services.


Bonded Stores

ESS, offers a complete range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions that are stocked in our own warehouses containing state-of-the-art refrigeration and freezer facilities. Fruit, vegetables and dairy products are purchased and delivered daily from the market.

ESS, stocks a wide range of beers, spirits, cigarettes and confectionary, as well as perfumes, toiletries and an exclusive range of gift items. Additionally we offer our customers an extensive range of electronic items, including the very latest models of TV, DVD and stereo equipment. Our range also extends to clothing and luggage items, meaning we can satisfy every need.

Other services

Motor Rewinds.
Laundry Service.
Medical Items.
Technical Store.

Safety Equipment and protective gear.
Nautical Equipment.
Fresh water delivery truck.
General Cleaning.
Propeller Cleaning.
Marine Lubricants.
General Repairs.

We offer

*Quotations returned with efficiency and professionalism.

*Managers on call 24 hours every day.

*24 Hour Service.

*Reliable service.

*Competitive prices.


Ship's waste management company

We provide Reception facility for sludge, waste oil, tank washing, oily residues/bilges, etc. to the vessels calling at all major Ports of the Dominican Republic. We are an economical and prompt to our work commitment. Working 24 hours to retain the client satisfaction.

*Sludge oil discharge.
*Slop discharge.
*Used Oil Collection.
*Waste oil Collection.
*Oily Bilge water.
*Dirty ballast water.
*Oily residues (sludge).
*Used oil collection for main engine / Generator/ Crane.​

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